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Last Updated On: 13-May-2014

Commissioned in 1977                                                                          

Latitude : 22° 02´ NorthLongitude : 88° 06´ East                                                                  

104 kms downstream of Kolkata, West Bengal, India

130 kms upstream from Sandheads 

45 kms upstream from Pilotage Station                                      

Average Pilotage time: 3 hours 

  • Efficient and economic service
  • User friendly approach
  • Simplified and integrated procedures
  • Automated operations
  • Minimum detention
  • Faster Turn Round
  • Sustained productivity improvement
  • Adequate and safe storage
  • Congenial industrial relations
  • Community development
  • Afforestation
  • Environment upgradation
  • Continued expansion and upgradation
  • Well-connected with hinterland by road, rail and waterways


Annual capacity - 41.71 million tonnes.

Comprises 3 riverine Oil Jetties, 14 berths inside an impounded dock, two riverine barge jetties.

All-weather port.

Lock Gate: 985 feet x 130 feet 

Turning basin: 1800 feet in diameter

Land Area: 6367 acres

Supports, encourages and facilitates growth of Port-based and Port-oriented industries. 

Ample land availability for prospective port-based industries and port users. 

State of the art radar surveillance through Vessel traffic Management System (VTMS) for effective and safe guidance to vessels. 

Dedicated to environment upgradation through massive afforestation, pollution control measures such as water sprinkling arrangement at dust-prone zones to control fugitive dust emission and waste stabilization ponds for treatment of domestic waste water. Actively associated in fostering growth of a dynamic society and plays a major role in community development. Caters to social living by setting up educational institutions, hospitals, cooperatives, market complexes, auditoriums, playgrounds, etc.

For complaints against corruption please dial Toll free number: 1800 345 3984
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